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Restoration Process

Estimated Prices for Restoration Works

Property Types Basic Quality Medium Quality High Quality
Existing Structure From 400 to 600 From 600 to 800 From 800 to 1000
Ruins From 600 to 800 From 800 to 1000 From 1000 to 1200
New build From 800 to 1000 From 1000 to 1200 From 1200 to 1500

The above prices are for guidance only and are per square metre.

Geometra/Architect/Geologist fees, planning costs and fees for tradesmen need to be considered too.

As regards to the electricity and water connections, costs can vary depending on how far from the property the service has to be connected. If the utilities are not on site it is advisable to obtain a formal quote as there are many factors that can affect the price. An example of this is whether the land is rock or soil.

The materials to be used during the restoration work are chosen directly by the client.

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