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Financial planning

Buying in Italy is likely to be one of the biggest financial decisions of your life and, if you become a resident it will almost certainly affect your personal financial situation. The great news is that if you plan before you decide to purchase your home in Italy then you can often take advantage of both the Italian and UK tax system or the tax system of your home country. Alternatively, if you are already living in Italy, there are still great financial opportunities available to you. At Abruzzo Property we have done a great deal of research to find a partner who can give you the necessary financial advice you may need when you buy a property in Italy. We don't want you to fall foul of the Italian tax system and therefore we have partnered with The Spectrum IFA Group (Italy) to provide you with the financial services and advice you need in order to have peace of mind whether you are already living in Italy or are thinking of moving there.

The Spectrum IFA Group was established in January 2003 and is an Independent Financial Planning Group. The Company comprises over 40 Advisers throughout Western Europe with a branch in Italy. All of their Independent Financial Planning Advisers demonstrate their long-term commitment to both their clients and their locality by residing permanently within the community in which they work. As expats themselves, they have an understanding of expat life and the particular financial rules that apply in each country. Gareth Horsfall is the manager of the Spectrum IFA Group in Italy.

When you move to Italy it is all too easy to think that you can take advantage of the same financial benefits that you may have had in the UK or your country of origin, but this is often not the case. Italy has its own tax rules and own preferred set of tax efficient savings and investments products. This is why we feel it is important to make sure you plan your finances properly even if you are just considering the option of becoming a resident.

As a resident of Italy you are expected to make annual tax declarations on your worldwide income and assets. Essentially, this is tax reporting and is most commonly done through a commercialista (Italian Accountant). But inadequate tax planning with inexperienced advisers may mean you may end up paying more than you need to. Furthermore, sometimes one spouse becomes resident and the other spouse does not. However, the resident spouse must still adhere to the Italian tax regulations. The Spectrum IFA Group can help you decide whether it is better to become a resident in Italy, remain non-resident or whether, in the case of some couples, it makes good financial planning sense that only one of you remains non-resident.

The Spectrum IFA Group can help you to look at the most tax-efficient ways of holding your assets and income(s), whether local, European based or overseas, and also help you to determine ways in which you can minimise your tax liabilities whilst increasing the return on your savings and investments.

If you would like to use their services this is what you need to do:

  1. Make contact with Gareth Horsfall, the Manager for the Spectrum IFA group in Italy. He can be contacted on or on his mobile +39 333 6492356.
  2. Gareth will arrange a convenient time to call you or meet you in person (if possible) to discuss your situation in detail, along with any financial concerns you may have about moving to or residing in Italy.
  3. After this initial discussion you will be sent a report confirming the details you have provided and also details of any possible financial planning and tax considerations that you may be able to take advantage of. This report is free of charge.
  4. Should you wish to discuss the details of this report in greater detail, then you can remain in contact with Gareth Horsfall or your appointed adviser.

The Spectrum IFA Group do not charge for consultations and you are under no obligation to follow any of their recommendations. In the event that you do choose to follow any of their recommendations, you do not pay a fee - commission would be generated for your appointed Adviser by the financial organisations that they work with.

The Spectrum IFA group are able to advise on a number of areas, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Tax residence status
  • Income tax planning and considerations
  • The tax treatment of overseas pensions in Italy
  • Italian inheritance tax planning and ways to avoid inheritance/succession law in Italy.
  • Capital Gains tax in Italy
  • Taxation of Italian and overseas rental property income in Italy
  • Tax efficient savings and investments
  • Social security and when it applies in Italy
  • Double tax treaties and the opportunities before you move
  • QROP

For further information or to arrange a consultation please contact Gareth Horsfall

Email: Cell: +39 333 6492356.

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