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Buying a property in Italy - Procedures and costs

Financing your Italian property

Finding a UK lender who will take a charge on an Italian property is tricky and approaching an Italian bank directly for a mortgage is often fraught with difficulties, particularly if you do not speak the language. Additionally, lending can vary in Italy depending on the location and the type of property you are purchasing. Speaking with an international funding specialist such as SPF Private Clients (SPF) is therefore crucial to ensure that your property transaction goes ahead smoothly and efficiently.

SPF is one of the UK's leading mortgage brokers, with extensive experience in assisting clients with buying a property in Italy. The International Mortgages team at SPF has a wealth of experience in dealing with both overseas and local lenders, as well as private banks. Being independent they have access to the whole of the market and will be able to find the most suitable mortgage to suit your individual circumstances and requirements. What's more, SPF will take care of the mortgage right through to completion, taking the stress out of the whole process.

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